The following fast food companies do not provide complete ingredient listings on their websites. When contacted for this information, their reply is below, as well as contact information when supplied. Please contact them directly regarding your concerns.

Arctic Circle
We are currently working on a complete inredients list for publishing in the future, however we do not have it available yet. If there are any items inquestion, I will do my best to help you, as we do have our product ingredient labels available. Just let me know which ones you are looking for.
Sylvia Hollands
Administrative Secretary
Arctic Circle Restaurants, Inc.

Captain D’s
Thank you for your interest in our restaurants… The ingredients are not listed in any one location. If you are looking for a particular ingredient, please respond back to this email and I will be glad to assist you…
Thanks for visiting Captain D’s, where “Friends Serving Friends Great Seafood Everyday.”
Miriam Linville

Little Caesars
Thank you for contacting the Little Caesars Customer Service Center.
I do apologize but we do not have a complete list to give out, if you are looking for something specific please call the phone number 1-800-7CAESAR and a representative will be glad to assist you.
You are a valued customer, and we appreciate your business.
Samantha B.
Customer Service Representative
Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

When contacted, only provided 8 core items from their menu which are posted on the site.

Panda Express
Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your inquiry of the ingredients in our product. The ingredients are not published online. Please feel free to call me for any ingredient information you need.
Hanna Huang
Guest Relations Coordinator
(800) 877-8988

Taco Cabana
Thank you for your interest in Taco Cabana!
We do not have a listing for all the ingredients in our products, is there something specific you are looking for?
We do have Allergen (lists top 15 allergen items), Gluten Free, MSG, Soy and Vegetarian listings available would one of these help?
Thank you,
Diana Smith
Taco Cabana Customer Services
(800) 580-8668
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