I don’t like eating chemicals. I don’t like consuming man-made chemical concoctions that the human body was not designed to process or digest. My body does not like it either.

When I shop at a supermarket, I don’t buy anything without first reading the list of ingredients. More than half the time, after reading the list, the food item goes back on the shelf because it either contains something like hydrogenated oils that I don’t want to put in my body, or something like high fructose corn syrup or monosodium glutamate which my body reacts to negatively.

I don’t understand why fast food restaurants are not required to list their ingredients on their packaging. If I bought some chicken nuggets at a fast food chain and was able to actually read the ingredients, chances are very good that I would not be returning to buy them again. If I actually knew what I was eating, I would not be eating it. It is only because I am ignorant as to their ingredients that I am their consumer.

This website is a tool for my own personal use. A reference to provide me with information as to what I am actually eating and not what I think I’m eating. Maybe you will find the information useful to yourself also.  New items are added often.

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